fashion dolls for the discriminating collector
CED fashion dolls are 19 1/2 inches tall. They have hard plastic  bodies and vinyl heads and hands. As they are bigger than  other fashion dolls, collectors are quickly finding that the larger  size is more satisfying, easier to dress, and more fun to pose.  CED is the dolls' shared monogram. This logo represents all of  the dolls equally; Claire Daniels, Cara Duncan, Constance Dash  and Colin Dehan. (They all have middle names that begin with  E.)  There is no specific story line connected to the dolls like  several other fashion dolls. As a high quality collectible doll, we  leave the story up to you. We give you a beautiful fashion doll  with a beautiful name. CED collectible dolls are produced in  ultra limited quantities. Doug James and Laura Meisner where the first designers to add  joints to their fashion dolls. Each CED doll has finely articulated  jointing in 14 points on their bodies, they have been compared to the highest quality  action figures. Because they are foremost fashion dolls, their jointing has been  painstakingly engineered to be as beautiful and unobstrusive as the highest standard  of today's manufacturing will allow. They are as beautiful nude as they are fully  dressed. CED dolls come in three different categories.  Full Fashion Dolls come dressed in a costume and accessories that are exclusive to  that doll. CED Basic Dolls come in a basic costume of a blouse and slacks or skirt and  are less expensive than our Full fashion doll line. Creative Edition Dolls come to you  with simple makeup, no eye lashes, wigs that you can put on or switch with other  dolls. These dolls are for the creative parts of you. Change their wigs, add makeup,  mix and match their outfits. Each doll comes dressed in a terry cloth robe, sexy  lingerie and while mules. We hope you enjoy our CED web site. Take your time and come back often to see the  new additions. We would love to have you join us as a member of our rapidly growing  CED fashion doll family. 
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