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Black Roses Cara is wearing black  lace pants, crusted with black sequins  and beads with a black lace v neck fitted  blouse with full slashed sleeves also  heavily encrusted with black sequins  and beads. The sleeves fasten at her  wrists and the beaded cuffs fall over her  hands. Over this she wears a black leather and  spandex corset with tiny gommets at the  back laced up with a scarlet organdy  ribbon. She wears black toned heart  earrings and double strand necklace.   She has black leather boots that go up  to her knee in the front and are open  and laced in the back. Cara is a wigged  doll. Her accessory is a custom sculpted black antiqued vase containing a mound  of black roses. See also Black Roses  Blonde and Black Roses Shag.
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