fashion dolls for the discriminating collector
Art has so many different forms with fashion dolls being one of them. The appreciation of them; the different ways they can be captured in the camera lens, and the uniqueness of a "look", a setting, or costume. Creativity comes in all styles and colors. We know you're out there. You delight in creating costumes, painting faces, and taking pictures of your CED dolls. And you're good at it. You're in Poland, Australia, the United States, the Netherlands, France, Taiwan, the UK, and many other places. You've sent us pictures before, but after we've ooo'd and aah'd, we didn't have a place for them. Now we've created one. You've got the talent and we'd like to support it. So CED collectors all over the world - Show Your Stuff! We have four categories: Faces - Fashions - Photos - Famous People
Faces: for those of you who like to recreate make up and hair. Fashions: photos of your CED dolls in the clothes you've made. Photos: photos you've taken of your dolls NEW Famous People: Have you made your CED Doll look like someone famous? If we put you in the wrong category by mistake, email us.
Submission Guidelines: 1. Photos cannot be larger than 640 X 480 or 480 x 640. An excellant free photo program to use for resizing is IrfanView. 2. All photos submitted will be considered for publication to our site. If you don't see your photo in the gallery, please resubmit. If you submit more than 3 photos in each category, we will delete your old photos and replace with your new ones. 3. Submit photos to photos@ceddolls.com. Include the category you'd like your photo to be in. If you think it should be in a new category, just let us know. Also include your first name and the state or country you live in. 4. If you wish to copyright your photo, please include the copyright info. on the photo. We cannot be responsible for copyright infringement of your photos.
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