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Here's how to put the CED stand together. First, there are 3 parts, the wire top part that cradles the dolls crotch, (the loop part goes against the dolls rear end) the tube with a screw in the bottom and the round metal base. When they are new you may need a screw driver to unscrew the bolt in the bottom of the round plastic tube. Unscrew it, then put it through the hole in the bottom of the round metal base (the base is in the cardboard envelope that is glued in your doll's box). Now that the bolt it sticking up through the bottom of the base screw it back into the plastic tube. You now have the tube and the metal back securely put together. The easiest way to put the fashion doll on the stand is to first take the wire support section out and gently fit it up on the doll so the loop section is supporting the doll's rear and the 2 prong section has the doll's crotch resting on it. Now slide the wire down into the Plastic tube of the stand all the way down and you're all set.
Fashion Doll Stand Assembly Instructions
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