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“Constance arrived today and I'm the happiest person alive. This doll is outstanding- wonderful, wonderful work! F., France "We received the outfits and Dance Card. They are outstanding! Our collector was thrilled and wants more." Brown's Gallery, Canada "I just received Claire and what can I say? She's gorgeous! I am blown away by the detail of her costume. Claire's body is awesome. I'm just speechless! S.C "I just received my first CED doll to add to my collection. Wow. I will be collecting your works for a long time to come. You have caught my heart. I am totally amazed!" J.P.K. "I just opened my Creative Claire and to put it mildly - I am thrilled! Also wanted to let you know your outfits are the only things on my Christmas list. Just loving all this creativity!" M.Z. "Constance is the most beautiful doll sculpt I've ever seen. She is the only doll in the world who is proportioned properly! This doll is the ultimate!" Anonymous
"I've been waiting all my life to see dolls like these" V.S. Alabama "I've been on pins and needles waiting for Cara. She's Beautiful! You just won yourself a real fan...congratulations on these beautiful dolls!" L., New Zealand
photo by Alex
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